Folding knives

Bixia, wooden pepper shaped knife


Sensual and colorful, Bixia conjugates authentic knowledge and contemporary creation.

Product customization

char. max. For any other engraving request (company logo, etc.), contact our customer service.
Wood species :

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Bixia, spicy - Filed brand and design

Embracing the shape of the emblematic Espelette pepper, it also has its character and spiciness. Soft and harmonious to the touch, this spicy knife will naturally find a place in your pockets or cheer up your tables with its originality. 

"Piemontais" system or liner-lock. 

Placed on its pepper plant, wich represent the real flower of the Espelette pepper, Bixia is presented in a lovely cardboard case. 

Dimensions : 
Closed 11,5 cm / Open 18 cm / Blade 8 cm

Handmade in France in our manufacture in Bidart, basque country. 



Birch, ebony, juniper, olive or pistachio wood. 


2 types of steel : 

12C27 stainless steel (Sandvik): premium stainless steel, high in chromium and carbon which gives it a robust and easy-to-maintain cutting edge.

stainless damascus steel 160 layers : we can compare this technique with puff pastry. This steel is composed of RWL34 for the shiny parts and PMC27 for the dark parts, merged together at 1220°C, then hammered, stretched and folded several times on themselves.  It is the best steel you can find nowadays ! 


Excepté les plastiques  qui ne craignent pas l’eau, les matériaux nobles et précieux que nous utilisons pour nos créations tels les bois, cornes, nacre, ivoire fossilisé etc. n’apprécient, quant à eux, pas du tout de tremper dans l’eau ! Vous pouvez également de temps à autres, nourrir les bois en les massant avec une goutte d’huile végétale. Ne passe pas au lave-vaisselle.

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