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L'Alios, juniper switchblade knife with Suminagashi blade


An elegant handmade knife with an exceptional blade

Product available with different options


L'Alios - filed brand and design

The Alios takes its name from the sediments found in the Arcachon basin. This knife, designed in collaboration with Robert Beillonnet, twice Meilleur Ouvrier de France, has a rounded tip in homage to the knives used by fishermen. It will surprise you with its unique and ingenious rear locking mechanism. 

Discover this smart locking system here! 

This knife is sold in its cardboard box with its leather sheath and a certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions :

Large size : open 22 cm / blade 10 cm / closed 12 cm 

French manufacturing in our Atelier in Bidart, Basque Country



Juniper wood, precious wood that smells like pepper. 


VG10 stainless steel or Suminagashi : composed of a central core covered on both sides with 33 layers of damascus which gives it a better rigidity and an excellent cutting edge. 


Except plastics that are not sensitive to water, noble and precious materials we use for our creations like woods, horns, mother-of-pearl, fossilised ivory, etc, don't appreciate to soak in the water ! Just wash the blade with hot soapy water and dry carefully the knife with a soft dish towel. You can also moisturize the wood from time to time by rubbing it with a drop of vegetal oil. Our creations are not dishwasher-safe. 

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