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Artzaina, wooden authentic basque knife


Just like the makila, the ancestral walking stick of the basque shepherds, Artzaina is made of straight lines, medlar wood and chiseled metal.

Product customization

char. max. For any other engraving request (company logo, etc.), contact our customer service.
Wood species :

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Artzaina, the shepherd - Filed model and design. 

Proud ambassador of our crafts know-how, Artzaina is both a strong and reliable partner and a precious accessory with timeless elegance.

An authentic Basque knife in which we wanted to represent all the elements of the Makila: the scarified medlar wood for the handle, the chiselling of the plates which reminds the viroles, the rounded shape of the pommel at the end of the spring and finally the shape, very tapered which reminds the look of the stick. 

Delivered in its cardboard box with its brown or black bull leather pouch and a certificate of authenticity. 

Dimensions : 

Large size - Closed 12 cm / Open 21,5 cm / Blade 10 cm 

Small size  - Closed 10,5 cm / Open 19 cm / Blade 8,5 cm

French manufacturing in our Atelier in Bidart, Basque Country.



6 species of wood available : medlar, juniper, pistachio, olive and ebony. 


5 types of steel : 

12C27 stainless steel (Sandvik): premium stainless steel, high in chromium and carbon which gives it a robust and easy-to-maintain cutting edge.

XC75 carbon steel : the steel of our grandfathers, a blade very easy to sharpen but getting oxidized.

RWL34 stainless steel : very pure steel, made with the powder metallurgy technique. Modern steel, particularly efficient, very strong, tough with an excellent cutting edge and high resistance to rust.

VG10 stainless steel or Suminagashi : composed of a central core covered on both sides with 33 layers of damascus which gives it a better rigidity and an excellent cutting edge. 

stainless damascus steel 160 layers : we can compare this technique with puff pastry. This steel is composed of RWL34 for the shiny parts and PMC27 for the dark parts, merged together at 1220°C, then hammered, stretched and folded several times on themselves.  It is the best steel you can find nowadays ! 


Except plastics that are not sensitive to water, noble and precious materials we use for our creations like woods, horns, mother-of-pearl, fossilised ivory, etc, don't appreciate to soak in the water ! Just wash the blade with hot soapy water and dry carefully the knife with a soft dish towel. You can also moisture the wood from time to time by rubbing it with a drop of vegetal oil. Our creations are not dishwasher-safe. 

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