MizpiraRed coral knife, black gold basque cross set with black diamonds and damascus blade

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Bixia - Spicy - Filed design and brand. 

Black diamonds and fossil coral for this unique precious model ! 

Exceptional knife arrayed with red fossil coral and stylized basque cross set of black diamonds by the famous jeweller's craft Amestoy of Biarritz and stainless steel damascus blade. This masterpiece combines modern creativity and ancestral know-how...Marrying the shape of the symbolic Espelette pepper, it also has its character and its spice... Attention all knives lovers !

Placed on its pepper plant, wich represent the real flower of the Espelette pepper, Bixia is presented in a lovely cardboard case. Its packaging is 100 % recyclable in the interest of sustainable development. see

Free buffle leather sheath ! 


Here, the warm and generous curves of Bixia are dressed up of an exceptional and very rare piece of red fossil coral enhanced by the famous stylized basque cross by the famous jewellers' crafts Amestoy of Biarritz/ This wonderful piece is made of darkened white gold set of 12 black diamonds for the little one and 16 diamonds for the big one ! Its superb stainless steel damascus blade (160 layers) adds a modern and elegant touch to its slim design...

Little basque cross made of darkened white gold 0,54 g - 12 black diamonds 0,11 carat. 

Big basque cross made of darkened white gold 1,11 g - 16 black diamonds 0,30 carat

Care instructions

Except plastics that are not sensitive to water, noble and precious materials that we use for our creations like woods, horns, mother-of-pearl, fossilised ivory, etc, don't appreciate to soak in the water ! Just wash the blade with hot soapy water and dry carefully the knife with a soft dish towel. You can also nourrish the woods from time to time by rubbing it with a drop of vegetal oil. Our creations are not dishwasher-safe. 

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